For the wellbeing of all beings.


many hearts.


Arming people with knowledge to succeed.

NR Foundation recognises the critical role that ducation plays in molding a progressive nation. The institution funds and arranges educational opportunities for the youth and adults. Aimed to promote self-sufficiency, the training programs are offered to the differently-abled and people from underprivileged backgrounds.

The foundation strives to boost educational levels through scholarships, exclusive institutions and vocational training programs at the grassroots level.

It is often said that the progress of a nation is directly proportional to the employment rate amongst women. Gainful employment of women from rural, tribal and uneducated backgrounds requires specific skill sets. The NR foundation enables this by organising vocational training programmes conducted directly and through various State Governments, Non-Governmental Organisations and other Self Help Groups.

he programs are aimed at equipping women with the capabilities to earn a regular income and in turn bring about sustainable progress across rural India. As a major feat for the organisation, we have been able to collaborate with prisons in Karnataka State and offer rehabilitation programs to inmates and enabled them to become productive members of the society.

Also, NR Group is an Equal Opportunities organization and employs women across all levels and categories, encouraging growth of self-reliant women, who contribute to the health and productivity of local communities.


one woman
at a time.


Big things come in small packages.

Betterment of the society starts with the betterment of the individua. The NR foundation recognizes this and works towards uplifting small communities and helping them to thrive.

The organization aims to help these micro-groups of people by making provisions to basic facilities, organising skill development and health improvement workshops. The foundation also provides employment opportunities and holds regular social awareness programs, in efforts to improve the quality of life in these communities.

NR Foundation has always lent a helping hand to support local communities in times of natural disasters, by actively taking part in relief efforts, and contributing in many ways.

The organization stood by the people of India and helped them cope with the Covid-19 crisis. The foundation provided monetary contribution of 1 Crore 8 lakhs to the PM Cares Fund and temporarily converted its factories tino emergency manufacturing facilities for Ayush Certified Hand sanitisers in the hour of need. Lakhs of sanitisers were donated to frontline workers across the country.

Calamity Support

Hope in troubled times.