For the wellbeing of all beings.



Before growing into the giant global conglomerate that it is today, the NR group started off as a small scale cottage industry, making and selling hand rolled agarbathies under the name "Mysore Products and General Trading Company". This transformation was made possible because of the wholehearted support of society. Giving back to society was the natural thing to do. It was the right thing to do.

It was clear from the beginning that founder and patriarch Sri N. Ranga Rao, wanted to establish business on a sound ethical foundation that would religiously stand for all things right. Helping the needy was at the forefront of this self-imposed social obligation. His legacy lives on through the work of NR Foundation, that strives to give hope to those who need it the most.

The NR Foundation is predominantly funded by what we call the circle of 6, with the number being symbolic of the 6 companies that operate under the NR Group.

Fragrance & Prayer products


Product Technology for Aerospace & Defense


Floral and Herbal Extracts


Solar Powered Irrigation Solutions


IOT and AI Devices


Super-Specialized TMS Neurocare Centres


A part of all profits made by the six companies funds the initiatives of NR Foundation.

We are committed to contribute to the sustainable development of our society for a better tomorrow, by doing the right thing, for generations to come.