For the wellbeing of all beings.


October 09, 2023

The Greater Good Teens (GGT) Talk 2023 was held on October 8th at the Ranga Rao Memorial School for the Differently Abled. During this event, sixteen enthusiastic teenagers delivered inspiring talks centered around the theme, "Love what you do, do what you Love." What made this event truly exceptional was its profound inclusivity.

Among the attendees, there were two hearing-impaired individuals and three visually impaired girls of our school demonstrating the program's steadfast commitment to embracing diversity and providing an inclusive platform for individuals from all backgrounds to share their valuable insights and experiences.

A hundred people gathered for this special occasion, where Smt. Savitha Ranga delivered the keynote address, adding to the event's significance and impact. This year, Greater Good Teens Talk is affiliated with international projects supported by World Health Organisation(WHO).