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October 06, 2023

Technology has significantly improved the quality of life for visually impaired individuals. After completing their SSLC, visually impaired students heavily rely on digital equipment for further higher studies. In recognition of this, Ranga Rao Memorial School for Differently Abled (RMSD) has taken the initiative to empower high school students with technology.

We have provided training to our SSLC students in using various tools, such as the Instareader app and OCR, which assist in reading printed materials. Additionally, the Be My Eyes app allows visually impaired individuals to seek assistance through voice calls. With NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access), they can access newspapers, Google Maps, and more.

We are proud to announce the inauguration of our upgraded computer lab, graced by Ms. Jyothi, the District Disabled Welfare Officer of Mysuru District. During this event, our Chairman, Sri R. Guru and DDWO distributed Samsung M13 smartphones to 13 SSLC students.

This initiative aims to empower visually impaired students, providing them with the tools and technology needed to pursue higher education and excel in competitive exams.