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April 02, 2020

  • Assures employees with a business continuity plan to overcome all eventuality.
  • Funds 1,00,000 to feed migrant labours, police staffs and homeless in Mysuru through different volunteer groups.
  • Donates 400 face shields.

Cycle Pure Agarbathies, from agarbathi to aerospace conglomerate NR Group, extends support to the country and government in combating COVID-19 with a donation of ₹ 1,08,00,000 to PM's Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situation (PM CARES) Fund. The brand which has been in the prayer and worship space from the last 70 years, has initiated a series of funding and donation activities along with an in-depth business continuity plan for its employees to overcome novel Coronavirus.

The Mysuru-based company, who has been actively supporting their employees amidst this nationwide lockdown, also donated Rs 1 lakh to the volunteer groups in their hometown to provide meals to the migrant labours, police on duty and homeless people. The brand has also taken initiative to donate over 400 face shields to the District in-charge Minister Mr. V Somanna ensuring the safety of the health staffs, police and citizens. In this global crisis, the organisation has also been able to source and secure 5 ventilators for Mysuru government through international relations established by Rangsons Technologies.

Cycle Pure Agarbathies donates 400 face shields

Speaking about the current situation, Mr. Arjun Ranga, Managing Director, Cycle Pure Agarbathies said, “It is a challenging time for all of us across the country, hence it is very important for us to join our hands and support our government in this battle. As an organisation and individuals, we are doing every possible thing from our end to overcome this pandemic. Our employees across the country are also donating to respective COVID-19 state relief funds. We would also like to request citizens across the country to do their bit and follow the government's directive very seriously. A simple task like washing your hands, staying hygienic, ensuring social distancing is quintessential at this time.”

He adds, “This is the time where we all need to think inwards and improve ourselves, hence we urge you all to cultivate a hobby to make this lockdown productive. We also request everyone to pray for our health staff and police force who are on the frontline of this battle. We are all in this together and with people's support and prayers we will come out of it stronger.”

In the current situation, organisations across the world are struggling to keep up with economic slowdown and the novel coronavirus pandemic, amidst the chaos NR Group, also announced its business continuity plan for its employees and vendors across India. The organisation that has been following the cottage industry model, have more than 5000 employees working in regular roles with them in both rural and urban areas. For the month of March all the 5000 employees got their salary on 20th March 2020, even before the month ends.

Motivating his employees, Mr. Ranga addresses his employees saying, “We have a moral obligation to our nation and responsibility to each and every one of you hence, we have created a business continuity plan that will ensure all our employees get salaries on time for next few months. For us, you and your family's safety is of utmost importance hence we request you all to stay at home and stay safe.”

He adds, “The government is doing its best, further, it's our duty to follow the instruction and maintain the decorum to fight this pandemic. From our company’s side, our pillars are our distributors and our suppliers, keep in touch with them and talk to them on a regular basis. This is a chance for each of us to think inwards and improve ourselves. After this entire ordeal ends, we’ll have to get running. Opportunities will arise from places we didn’t expect at all and at that point of time, we would need a nimble organisation. One thing you don't have to worry about is your job and timely salaries. We are ready for any eventuality and are in this together, so please be rest assured about your job and focus on your family. Pray for our Corona Warriors, who are risking everything for our safety day in and out. Pray for India.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the emergency relief fund on Saturday last week to invite contributions from the citizens as the country continues to battle COVID-19.

About Cycle Pure Agarbathies

The leading manufacturer and exporter of agarbathi, has always nurtured an eco-friendly approach in all its endeavors. Cycle Pure Agarbathies is the only agarbathi company in India certified as the Carbon Neutral Manufacturer by the UK-based The Carbon Neutral Company – the leading provider of carbon reduction solutions in the World. A champion of environment friendly practices, the company has set up recycle corrugated boxes at relevant units and ensures the usage of natural ingredients that are IFRA certified aroma materials and are not harmful to the environment or health. Cycle Pure Agarbathies has an array of agarbathies in the premium category: Rhythm, Woods, Flute and Three-in-One are the marquee brands. Heritage Agarbathi is its latest offering.