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January 16, 2024

In partnership with Ranga Rao Memorial School for Differently-Abled(RMSD) and Mysuru Readers Forum, an exceptional collaboration unfolded, bringing together students from RMSD and Government High School, Metagalli. The initiative, marked by camaraderie and literary exploration, saw the formation of seven dynamic groups comprising students from both institutions. A total of 69 enthusiastic participants, including 27 from the Government school and 35 from RMSD, engaged wholeheartedly in this creative endeavor.

The central challenge posed to these young minds was to collaboratively weave a captivating story within a defined timeframe. This inventive approach was meticulously designed to foster a sense of teamwork and, more importantly, to instill a lifelong reading habit among these aspiring young readers. The event stands as a testament to the commitment of RMSD in cultivating a love for literature, imagination, and the transformative power of reading among the younger generation.