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August 17, 2023

Ranga Rao Memorial School for Differently Abled (RMSD) celebrated Indian Independence Day : A Day of Unity, Pride, and Inspiring Moments.

As Mrs. Savitha Vishnu Ranga unfurled the flag with grace, the air filled with a sense of patriotism. Our enthusiastic children led a spirited march to honour the esteemed guests. Amidst this vibrant setting, Ms. Vyshnavi V of the 6th grade delivered a speech that resonated deeply. Her words were met with appreciation from Mrs. Savitha, who also emphasised the significance of being proud to be Indian and dreaming ambitiously for a brighter future.

Filling the air with energy and rhythm, RMSD students formed a Swastik mark through an exuberant group dance, complemented by the pulsating beats of lezim. The ambiance reverberated with patriotism and fervor.

Turning the spotlight on our accomplished alumni, we celebrated their achievements. Mr. Murthy awarded a cash prize to Ms. Anitha B (93%), the SSLC topper; Mr. Vishnuranga rewarded Ms. Pavithra R K (89%), the PUC topper; and Mr. Nikil Ranga presented a cash prize to Ms. Mary Abinandana (74%), the Degree topper.

A soul-stirring patriotic group song, led by the talented Ms. Vyshnavi and her team echoed the spirit of national pride and unity.

Taking centre stage, Sri Guru R delivered a compelling presidential address, igniting the audience with his words of inspiration and purpose.

Concluding the event, Ms. Geetha of the 10th grade extended her heartfelt gratitude through a well-articulated vote of thanks.

Brimming with pride and enthusiasm, we embraced the memories of this remarkable day—a celebration that epitomised the spirit of Indian independence at RMSD.