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  • Education

    NR Foundation believes that imparting knowledge in an organised way will help improve the mind-set of our people and in turn bring about the much needed progress within our country. Education is not restricted to the young and children alone. Adult education and guidance in varied fields is an equally important requirement in our society.

    NR Foundation funds and arranges Educational opportunities for adults who missed out and the young who are starting out too. The aim is to promote self-sufficiency by providing training opportunities to persons from disadvantaged background, to develop some ability towards becoming productive members of the community. Thus promoting general economic development of our society.

    The Foundation strives to enhance educational levels of our people through scholarships, exclusive institutions and vocational training programmes at grassroots level.

    Project Unnati is our education support programme within NR Group.

  • Women empowerment

    Women are depicted and worshipped as Goddesses in our temples and yet women have always been suppressed in our society.

    NR Group believes employment of women is an indispensable tool for advancing development and reducing poverty in our country. Gainful employment of women from rural, tribal and uneducated background requires some skill sets. Towards this end, vocational training programmes are conducted directly and through various State Governments, Non-Governmental Organisations, Self Help Groups, Initiative for Development Foundation, Prisons in Karnataka State etc.

    NR Group is an equal opportunities organization and employs women across all levels and categories encouraging growth of self-reliant women who contribute to the health and productivity of local communities.

    Through Cycle Stree programme, NR Foundation conducts training for groups of Women with the sole intention of equipping them with the capabilities to earn a regular income and in turn bring about sustainable progress across rural India.

  • Community Development

    Development of our nation is dependent on improvements in terms of knowledge dissemination, infrastructure and living standards across all sections of society. India being a large, highly populated country, it is not easy to ensure basic facilities reach every nook and corner of our land.

    At NR Foundation, we believe it is possible to improve the quality of life and strengthen our nation if individuals and organisations reach out to support progress in their own small way.

    NR Foundation under Project Prerepana, endorses Community Development through myriad activities for betterment of our people by organising vocational training for long term gainful employment.


    Everyone is entitled to opportunities and this is where NR Foundation endeavours to make a small difference. We believe the differently-abled need focused facilities and motivation to overcome and grow beyond their generally perceived limitations, to become self-reliant responsible citizens.

    NR Foundation provides academic and life skills training to visually challenged girl children at the Ranga Rao Memorial School for differently abled.

    NR Foundation has set up the NR Centre for Community Development where vocational training programmes are conducted for the needy. The emphasis here is on training facilities for better employability and guidance towards becoming independent financially and otherwise.


    NR Foundation has always come forward to support local communities in times of natural disasters by providing relief to the needy and contributing towards collective action in society through the Cycle Samaj Programme.

    Year 2020, the need has mainly been in Covid Care.

    NR Foundation started off with a monetary contribution of 1 Crore 8 lakhs to the PM Cares Fund. To help meet the unexpected demand, regular production lines were converted into emergency manufacturing facility for Ayush Certified Hand Sanitisers. This was a crucial requirement for local hospitals and cleaning karmacharis in and around Mysore.

    In times of distress, humanity comes first and the NR Group mantra has always been:

    • Each of us has the ability to change the world for the better.
    • We must all take one small step at a time.
    • We must all aim to be part of a better society.

    This has influenced our employees across India to independently do their bit for society in times of calamities too.

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