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Project Prerepana

NR Foundation believes appropriate opportunities and guidance can remove the disparity within the large populace of our country. The Foundation is committed to make a small effort towards bridging this gap with Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement as its implementing partner.

The team commenced work in 2011, in seven slums of Mysore. Aim was and is to create opportunities to empower and inspire the disadvantaged to support themselves and collectively serve to uplift their community.

The Focus areas of activity taken up for development of our human capital are:

  • Education for children through Anganwadi centres: Apart from equipping the Anganwadis, educational trips, sports and cultural activities are organized periodically for motivation and to develop leadership qualities.
  • Vocational training: Conducted in destitute homes, Government Rehabilitation Centres and also through Grama Vikasa Yojanas, Rural Development & Self Employment Training Institute etc.
  • Emphasising the importance of education, health and hygiene: Using awareness activities like jathras, street plays and melas through local women's "Sangha". Arranging for health check-up & learning sessions in collaboration with Family planning association of India. To keep abreast with current pandemic, knowledge sessions on paramount importance of wearing masks, distancing and frequent hand washing also organized.
  • Creating awareness on social benefits schemes & facilitating securing entitlements for eligible individuals: Through District Legal Service Authority of Mysuru, sharing knowledge on availability of free allotment of lawyers, free legal facilities to women, rights and other constitutional support and government facilities for people below poverty line.
  • Promotion of Self Help Groups: Through creating opportunities for peers to share experiences, career guidance and counselling. Strengthen local community-based institutions for a better quality of life. Connect community to de-addiction institutions for controlling ill-effects of alcoholism and substance abuse.



  • Project Prerepana, currently in Phase 2, which will be completed in 2021.
  • Phase 1 was from 2011-2016 and Phase 2 is from 2016-2021.

2016 to 2017

  • Education

    1. To create awareness about the importance of Education, conducted 4 Jatha Processions and 8 street plays through the streets of all the slums.
    2. 4 RTE awareness programs conducted, 26 children enrolled under RTE and 5 children got seats.
    3. Distributed notebooks in Ekalavya Nagar and Bharath Nagar to school going children
    4. Conducted sports activities in all slums
    5. 5 drop out children re admitted to school
  • Health and Hygiene

    1. 5 meeting of Alcohol anonymous group members and 5 Street plays conducted.
    2. 3 members stopped consuming alcohol and one person agreed to take treatment
    3. Conducted 4 Health check-up and health awareness program for ANC and PNC, 60 ANC and 54 PNC cases got treatment through these camps
    4. Two Eye check-up and operation camps were conducted, 260 people got treatment and 15 people were operated. With assistance from Vivekananda Ashram one child was operated in a private hospital free of cost.
    5. A total of 174 children (from all slums) below the age of 16 were MR vaccinated
  • Social Entitlements

    1. 764 mobile Aadhar campaign in four slums and 142 Aadhar cards issued
    2. Old age pension entitlement and release for 01 member
  • Vocational training

    1. 44 women were trained in tailoring
    2. 20 members attended training in paper bags and jewellery making
  • SHGs

    1. Formed 9 SHGs in slums
    2. Enrolled 135 women members in SHGs with Rs. 1,.37 Lakhs as saving
  • Committees

    1. 16 committees formed, which look into Education, Health, social Entitlements, SHGs and De-addiction programs. Each committee has 5 volunteers. The committee members were selected based on their Education, Interest in community activities, concern for fellow citizens and their ability and willingness to take responsibility and leadership in the work assigned to them.

2017 to 2018

  • Education

    1. Conducted 6 summer camps
    2. 3 RTE awareness programs conducted, 35 children enrolled under RTE and 14 children secured seats
    3. One child got matriculation scholarship of Rs 4000 from city corporation and one child who secured seat under RTE in the last year for LKG, secured 1st rank in LKG and was promoted to UKG.
    4. 16 school dropout children readmitted to schools, 11 to residential school and 5 to non-residential school
  • Health and Hygiene

    1. Conducted 11 general health check-up camps, where more than 860 community members were treated.
    2. Conducted 9 days residential De-Addiction camp, 13 abusers treated during the camp
    3. 36 abusers referred to deaddiction centre's and 16 abusers completely stopped consuming alcohol
  • Social Entitlements

    1. 82 social entitlements with major entitlements as follows:
      Aadhar card 146
      Ration card 92
      Old age pension 52
      Widow pension 36
    2. Facilitated disability aides:
      Triycycle 1
      Wheel chairs2
      Walking stick1
    3. All in one information centre started and approximately 453 community members visited the centre
    4. 3 women selected as Para Legal volunteers from DLSA
  • Youth & Women

    1. Celebrated international women's day and felicitated 6 unsung women heroes
    2. Training for 80 committee members SVYM, Mysuru
    3. 80 Youth attended the Leadership and life skill training at SVYM ,Mysuru
  • Vocational Training

    Year Training Completed Started Earning
    2016-17 Tailoring 46 6
    2017-18 Tailoring 88 57
    Jewellery 16 6
    Beauty Parlour 7 7
    Total 157 76
  • Committees

    No of new SHG formed 03
    total number of members from all SHGs 145
    Total amount saving 2.80 Lakhs
    Loan given 4.17 Lakhs
    Loan Recovered 2.04 Lakhs